Article Processing Phases

The Journal has taken necessary steps to speed up the process without sacrificing the publication's consistency to satisfy the authors' growing demands for an effective review and publication. The first phase is desk examination, in which a paper is screened and assigned to the editorial board by the editor-in-chief/ associate editor. This usually takes 15-20 days after the paper is submitted to review the similarity score and the study's suitability for the Journal's scope and objectives. Within a month, an email is sent to the corresponding author informing them of the initial screening decision. After passing the initial screening, a paper goes through a peer-review process in the second phase. It is submitted to two reviewers who are experienced scholars in the field of research of the article. These reviewers provide feedback on the study's originality, contribution, appropriateness of discussion flow, and references cited. Following this move, review reports are sent to the corresponding author, along with a letter of rejection/excuse or acceptance conditional on timely completion of revisions. It typically takes another 30-45 days to complete this phase. The third stage entails sending a revised copy to the editors responsible for confirming the text's proofreading and editing and sending their report to the corresponding author. Authors must send a proofread and edited copy of their paper within 1-3 weeks of receiving it, after which it will be submitted to production. After release, a print copy is sent to the corresponding author upon request. The Journal has implemented an early online production scheme, in which an advance copy of the paper is written and made accessible online before it is published in hard copy.