Deadlines of All Processes

All deadlines and time frames are negotiable. Depending on the quality of the content and the review procedure, it may take longer or shorter.

  • Duration of paper submission

Deadline for the submission of papers in JSSR is 15th of Feb for Spring Issue and 15th of May, for Summer Issue, 15 of August for Fall Issue, and 15 of November for Winter Issue.

  • Duration of Review of articles

Deadline for the review of papers in JSSR is 15 days before for each issue.

  • Duration of Acceptance of articles

The average time it takes for an article to be accepted in this journal is 30-60 days, beginning with the submission of the paper and concluding with the successful completion of the peer review process

  • Duration of Publication of articles

The total time it takes for a manuscript to be published in this journal is 30-70 days, from the time it is submitted to the time it is peer-reviewed and uploaded to our website o Timelines of publication of issues Following is the detailed timeline for publication of our issues (Time may vary according to the contents and response of the Reviewers).