The authors who apply and publish in JSSR consent to abide by the copyright policy set out in the Creative Commons 4.0 license (Attribution-Non Commercial-Share like 4.0 International). The writers who published in JSSR agreed to let others remix, tweak, and expand upon their work for non-commercial purposes under this license. However, all other writers who use JSSR material must reference the author(s), Journal, and additional Publishing information in their work. Furthermore, it should be mentioned that the submission has not been previously published and is not under review by another journal. Plagiarism is not tolerated in the request paper, which should be in Open Office Microsoft Word format.


All manuscripts should be written in English. To prevent grammatical, typographical, and syntax errors, the author(s) should thoroughly review research papers. It is recommended that you hire a language reviewer for proofreading to ensure no grammar or style errors. The JSSR also offers a paid proofreading/language revision service to writers through an online third party.

Checklist for Submissions

This list can be used to double-check your submission before sending it to the Journal for analysis. For more details, see the related section of this Author's Guide.

Make sure the following items are provided:

One author has been identified as the corresponding author and has been provided with the following contact information:

• Your email address

• Your complete postal address

The following files have been uploaded:

• Abstract

• Keywords

• All Statistics (include relevant captions)

• Ensure that all figure and table citations in the text match the files given

• Indicate clearly whether colour should be used for any figures in print

•Graphical Abstracts / Highlights files (where applicable)

•Supplemental files (where applicable)

Additional considerations

• All references in the Reference List are referenced in the document, and vice versa.

• Permission to use copyrighted material from other outlets has been received (including the         Internet).

• Even if the writers have no competing interests to report, a competing interests declaration is issued.

• The policies outlined in this document have been re-evaluated.

•For research papers, manuscripts should not be longer than 6000 words (including title, abstract, keywords, text body, tables, figures, and references).