Article Publication Charges (APC)

JSSR and the administration of the publisher have agreed to charge NO FEE for submissions and publication of research papers in order to protect the Journal's academic freedom. The Editorial Board, whose members are an academic staff from respected institutions/ universities, manages the Journal independently and willingly on an honorary basis.
The JSSR and publisher have devised a specific business model to cover the Journal's operating costs, which is based on the following sources:
A. A volunteer administrative staff and Editorial Board made up of Ph.D. scholars and faculty members who work without being paid.
B. Funding from the publisher, aims to promote its publishing division, having no paywalls and an open access policy.
C. Authors are offered a Fast Track Review and Publication process (optional), in which they are charged a nominal fee of USD 400/equivalent for quickly paid reviews from reviewers and a fast publication process on account of language editing and proofreading services provided by the publisher; otherwise, it is the sole responsibility of the authors, as well as providing feedback to the submitting authors under a separate agreement.
D. The Authors are allowed to purchase four reprints of the journal issues for a total of USD 150, including courier fees.
E. The funding from HEC Pakistan is a critical component in meeting the Journal's financial requirements. The Journal has applied to the Higher Education Commission of Pakistan for approval and funding to cover a portion of the Journal's operating costs.
F. Annual Conference Fees: To further its mission of highlighting economic and development problems in emerging economies, publisher conducts annual national and international conferences. The funds raised from conference fees are used to finance the publisher annual conferences and research programs.
G. The journal editorial requires language editing and proofreading for papers approved for publication following an independent review process. Only on fast-track publications, the publisher can charge a fee for template setting, language editing, and proofreading services to cover a portion of the publication cost. On the other hand, the writers are not bound to use the publisher Language and Editing Services. They can instead choose to use other professional services provided by international organizations.
In short, HEC financial support, grants, conference fees, publisher consulting fees, language editing and proofreading fees, and sponsorships all contribute to JSSR's publishing costs.